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Welcome to all the new Nav subscribers! With the new 2018 roadmap coming out next week Wednesday (in the weekly update), I thought it fitting to share a couple of the items that are currently in progress.


NavChain (Adapps) whitepaper is set to release before the end of January! What we do know is that developer adoption will be huge as it will be offered in almost any program language and the first planned anonymous application will be NavTech2.0.

Bonus: The devs are developing a working prototype of NavChain as we speak (including a working protoype of NavTech2.0). This will lead to faster development of the actual product.

Read more from the AMA: It's organised according to project, so click adapps.


As the first Dapp on the NavChain platform, NavTech2.0 will make every individual staking wallet its own server. This will create a fully decentralized network of private payment servers. This is truly revolutionary in that it will create a trustless network! It solves the prevailing concerns of centralisation as there are currently a small set of private servers for private payments.

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Community Fund

Nav recently passed a community fund which will reduce the staking rewards from 5% to 4%. The purpose is to use the 1% staking rewards (currently ~1million) to finish roadmap projects; hire more devs/marketers; market product launches; and finish community projects.

Dev Request: Please join the community fund beta "The sooner we pass the beta phase, the sooner we will roll it on the main net and nav will start benefiting from the community fund." - To participate:

Do you have any community fund projects/ideas? Here's the current "unofficial" list of community inspired proposals. Feel free to make a proposal:

Read more here:


Check out the description from our lead dev here:

Additional Update from Craig: "Changelly has been having exchange issues with various coins, not just nav coin. We are working with Changelly to get NAV working again for them. Please be assured that we are working towards polymorph with changelly, direct exchange and also lightning network enabled swaps. So there will be a part of solutions beyond changelly, they are just the shortest route to a working product at the first stage. More decentalized and better solutions will follow. Polymorph will exist either way :)"



Check out the most recent NavPay launch: If you have android, try it out! It's coming to iOS soon.

Want to preview the NavPay app first? Watch the video/tutorial made by /u/rulesforrebels

More info here:

NavPi and coming in 2018 NavPi 2.0 25% complete according to roadmap

The NavPi is the Nav Coin Raspberry Pi 3 Stakebox. With the NavPi you can stake your NavCoin at efficient cost, saving electricity.

R&D stage:

Cold Staking Implementation We are investigating ways to allow NAV held in cold storage to be used as a staking input. This will greatly increase the security of your funds as they stake, minimising the risk exposure of having large amounts of NAV in a hot wallet.

Check out the current (soon to be updated roadmap):